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Session Vocalist for hire

Your Go-To Session Vocalist for Touring and Recording!


Are you in search of a seasoned session vocalist who can bring your musical vision to life? Look no further! With nearly 15 years of touring and recording experience, I am here to provide you with top-notch vocal performances that will elevate your music to new heights. Specialising in Rock, Blues, Metal and alternative genres; I bring professionalism, creativity, and a powerful voice to the table.I am here to deliver so Let's collaborate and create something truly remarkable together!


  1. Extensive Touring and Recording Experience: Having spent almost 15 years immersed in the music industry, I have honed my skills both on the road and in the studio. I am well-versed in the demands and challenges that come with live performances and recording sessions, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for all.

  2. Professional Industry-Standard Recording Equipment: With a fully equipped professional home studio, I offer the convenience of recording high-quality vocals remotely. Alternatively, I am more than willing to travel to your studio, ensuring that we capture the perfect vocal performance in the environment that suits your project best.3.

  3. Complete Wireless Mic System for Touring: Bringing my A-game to the stage, I come prepared with a comprehensive wireless microphone system, including all necessary equipment. You can rest assured that my gear is reliable and up to industry standards, allowing for a seamless and captivating live performance.

  4. Unique and Powerful Voice: One of my greatest assets as a session vocalist is my unique and powerful voice. With a commanding range and a versatile style, I am capable of delivering vocals that will leave a lasting impression on your listeners. Whether you need me to add a touch of grit and power or captivate with a soulful melody, I have the ability to adapt to your desired sound. 

  5. Songwriting Abilities and Artistic Flexibility: Beyond being a skilled vocalist, I also possess songwriting abilities. I can help you breathe life into your compositions by adding my own spin, or I can seamlessly sing your songs exactly as you envision them. With a deep understanding of various musical genres, I specialise in rock, blues, metal, and alternative styles, making me an ideal choice for a range of projects.

  6. Extensive Song Catalogue and Quick Learning Ability: Thanks to my extensive experience, I have built a vast back catalog of songs that I have performed and recorded. Additionally, I have the ability to learn large quantities of songs quickly, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly and efficiently. Whether it's existing material or new compositions, I am ready to adapt and bring your songs to life.

  7. Captivating Stage Presence: In addition to my exceptional vocal abilities, I possess a captivating and energetic stage presence.  I understand the importance of connecting with the audience and creating a memorable live experience. With my dynamic energy, charisma, and ability to engage crowds, I bring a vibrant and electrifying presence to every performance. Whether it's an intimate venue or a massive festival stage.

Let's work together! Drop me an email at -

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